Farm Fresh Beef


Farm fresh USDA approved and cryovac (vacuum) packed
We are approved by the Department of Health
Contact us for details

Ground Beef 1lb

Beef Short Ribs (avg 1.3lb)

Bottom Round Rump Roast (avg 2.45lb)

Shoulder Pot Roast Boneless (avg 3.88lb)

Round Tip Roast (avg 2.92lb, 2.29lb)

Beef Brisket (avg 6.91lb)

Eye Round Steak (avg .74lb)

Flank Steak (avg 1.12lb)

Skirt Steak
$13/lb (avg .7lb)

Filet Mignon (avg .72lb )

London Broil (avg 1.5lb)

Chuck Steaks (avg 1.5lb)

Ribeye (avg 1lb)

Porterhouse Steaks (avg 1lb)

T-Bone Steaks (avg 1lb)