Guaranteed Hens

Large Fowl Hen Warranty

We offer a guarantee that large fowl chicks and pullets will be hens. All purchases must be registered within 24 hours. Once your registration is received we will add the hatch date of your birds. The warranty is good for 6 months from the hatch date. If a bird should become a rooster, contact us and then we will schedule a time to return the rooster to us and we will offer a store credit good for grain or supplies or new chicks or pullets.

*Excludes bantam chicks, waterfowl and guineas.

We reserve the right to void any warranty at anytime.

Koops Coops Chick Schedule for 2022


I thought this chart may help people see the breeds that are available at various dates. These are not guaranteed but as of today this is what I expect and when. If you want a specific breed at a particular time please let me know and I will see what I can do. Many dates are currently available to be ordered online but more are being added everyday.

Chick Hatchery

Is Koops Coops a Chick Hatchery?

Koops Coops is a small chicken farm in Rhode Island that acquires many different breeds of chicks and often raises them to 3 month old and then offers them for sale to the nearby community year round. We do not ship birds but we do offer local delivery. We do hatch several different breeds of chickens each year but many of our ladies are hatchery birds from other farms.

All of our birds are NPIP certified, Marek’s and Coccidia vaccinated, dewormed and mite-free. We guarantee our pullets are hens and will give you another bird if it turns into a rooster. We do not guarantee chicks but we usually only order hens so they should be hens unless otherwise stated. Bantam chicks for example are always straight run.

In our online store we also offer many supplies that we have found to be perfect for chicken tendering.

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