How grain delivery works

Order on the Website

Orders maybe placed via our website and paid via Paypal, Venmo or COD. Your grain will usually be delivered within 1-3 days. We always drop off curbside or we will even deliver right into your coop!

Need a type of feed that we do not advertise?

If you are interested in Ventura Grain but we do not currently offer the grain you need or if you want delivery and are not currently in our delivery area, please email us and we can discuss.

Ventura Grain is Local Quality Feed

With over 90 years of experience manufacturing livestock, equine, poultry and swine feeds, Ventura Grain has the expertise and integrity to ensure a consistent, fresh & quality ration every time. Ingredients are purchased from a select group of approved suppliers to ensure the quality of our feeds. Ingredients are tested for quality and if they do not meet our standards, the load is rejected.

Why do you deliver Ventura Grain?

For over 15 years we have been driving to Ventura Grain in Taunton MA to pick up our animals feed each month. Ventura is a local grain mill that makes fresh feed every week. One day I thought I would pay somebody to pick up grain for me so I don’t have to drive there all the time. Maybe other farmers would too? We are just a small farm that is trying to lower our own feed bill and help bring fresh quality grain to other locals that might not be able to drive that far to get it themselves. We will also deliver your grain bags curbside or into your coop or where ever you need it(within reason).