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Contact for current pricing (which changes with age) and to double check availability.
Pricing listed is per bird unless otherwise noted.
All chickens sold over 2 months old are guaranteed hens.
We will have more birds available EVERY month.
Click a button below to read more about the particular breed.

Cream Legbars are very friendly girls that are great with kids. These legbar ladies will lay a sky blue egg that is fairly large for their size. Cream Legbars are super easy to pickup and don’t try to get away once in your hand. For a wonderfully sweet and a small sized chicken these creamies integrate and get along well with other hens.

Upcoming 2022

Pending list could change at anytime.

  • February: 3 month old Salmon Faverolles and Cream Legbars
  • March: 3 month old Olive Eggers, Barred Rocks and Speckled Sussex
  • April: 3 month old Lavender Orpingtons, Blue Plymouth Rocks, Blue Copper Marans, Speckled Sussex, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, RI Reds

Check our Chick Schedule Chart to see when many breeds will arrive.

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