Cheap Chicken Waterer


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If you have a small brood of 3 or 4 chickens, this is a great choice for you.

The complete gravity-style waterer has a durable transparent molded polyethylene tank that will not overheat and you can easily monitor the water level. As the waterer comes with an extra-wide bright red plastic base, your chickens will be attracted to it and will have no difficulties accessing the fresh, clean water.

The compact 9 x 10.25-inch chicken waterer comes at such a great price, you can strategically place a few around the chicken coop so that your chickens will be well hydrated and healthy.

Refilling the tank is very easy due to the screw-top lid and there are no leaks.

The tank and base are available as individual items, so you can buy either one of them without having to buy a complete set.


  • High quality
  • Great value for money
  • Very affordable price
  • Ideal for a small brood of chickens
  • Tank is molded from durable transparent polyethylene
  • Resists heat
  • No leaks
  • Easy to monitor the water level
  • Extra-large bright red plastic base
  • Easy-fill screw-on cap design
  • Jar and base are also sold individually
  • Available in a 2-pack


  • Tray can crack in extremely hot conditions
  • Top part of the tanks feels a bit flimsy
  • Not ideal for large chickens