• We do not accept returns on any items.


  • If you have a health issue with a bird please contact us immediately
  • If your chicken pullet turns out to be rooster please contact us immediately and we will take the rooster back and offer you another bird of our choosing. If I do not have the same breed available then another breed maybe offered or you can wait until we have the same breed available and come back then.
  • Chicks are never guaranteed hens unless specifically stated on your receipt. But for large fowl chickens, we order hens so they should be hens. The hatchery states 90% accuracy.
  • Baby geese, guineas, ducks, bantams and turkeys are all straight run.
  • The National Poultry Improvement Plan certifies all of our birds. Our NPIP certification number is #115. If you would like to receive the NPIP paperwork for your birds just let us know and we will provide it.
  • All hatchery birds are Marek’s and Coccidia vaccinated. Occasionally we purchase birds from local breeders and they are not vaccinated. We will clearly state this before you purchase.

If an order must be cancelled due to our fault

  • You will be offered a 100% refund
  • Or you can choose an alternative bird

If you choose to cancel a pre-paid order

  • Any credit card fees charged during checkout will not be refunded
  • Depending on the breeds cancelled, at our discretion a 10% or $10 cancelled order fee maybe applied. I try to be extremely reasonable with this, but we can’t incur costs due to a cancelled order. This mainly only includes large orders or specialty rare breeds like blue Ameraucanas, Swedish Flowers, Sweetgrass turkeys and geese.