Big Bird Sale

Saturday May 14th 10-4pm

10 day-old Chicks $15 each

– We include a 24 hour alive and well Guarantee –
Mystic Marans
Russian Orloffs
Lavender Orpingtons
Mottled Javas
Silver Wyandottes
Speckled Sussex
Blue Wyandottes
Sicilian Buttercups
Crele Penedesenca
Salmon Faverolles
Cream Legbars


We also usually have older chicks and pullets available on our Today’s Yard Sale page.

Preorders should be placed by Wednesday of each week for pickup the following weekend. We will not promise any preorders placed after Wednesday unless we receive a deposit and you receive an email confirming the deposit.

As of May 14th we will no longer offer 4 day old chicks. All birds will be offered at 10 days old for their health and well-being.

We are NPIP certified healthy and AI Free by RI DEM

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