Birds Available Today in our Yard Sale

  • All postings, prices and availability may change at anytime.
  • No birds are held until a 50% deposit is paid and the order is confirmed.
  • We do not allow the public onto our back farm with the birds as this is a major biosecurity issue. Birds will be brought out to you. 
  • Please research the breeds before arriving. 
  • Please bring boxes or cat crates or dog crate.
  • To order from our Yard Sale FILL OUT A REQUEST FORM. We will ensure the birds are still available and send back pricing.
  • All chickens are Marek’s and Coccidia Vaccinated and are guaranteed hens. Please READ OUR HEN POLICY.
  • We also offer preordering of pullets if you’d like to order specific breeds and pick them up at 2-3 months old. There is no additional charge for preordering.

General Pricing

May change at any time and varies based on breed, exact age at pickup and quality of the particular bird.

up to 3 weeks old $10-20
4-6 weeks old $20-25
6-8 weeks old $25-30
2-3 months old $30-40

Muscovy Hens

Silver, Brown and 1 Black & White
1 year old
$30 each x5

Hatched September starting 13th

Olive Eggers
Lavender Orpingtons x4
Blue Jersey Giants x2
Blue Copper Marans x1
Cream Legbars x4
Salmon Faverolles x3
Black Copper Marans x4

Hatched October starting 11th

Cream Legbars
Barred Rocks
Blue Copper Marans
Black Copper Marans
Lavender Orpingtons
Buff Orpingtons
Speckled Sussex
Yokohama Red Shoulder x2
Ancona x1
Salmon Faverolles

Hatch November starting 13th

Olive Eggers x5
Buff Orpingtons x5
Speckled Sussex
Buff Brahma x2
Blue Copper Marans
Black Copper Marans x5
Salmon Faverolles x5
Cream Legbars
Barred Rocks

Hatch December starting 13th

Coming soon

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