Polish Chicken Hen

White Crested Black Polish Hens

The Polish bantam is a European breed of chicken known for its crest and feathers. This is an ornamental breed of chicken and perfect for the hobbyist or backyard flock owner. They are small dainty birds and the crests make them look bigger than they actually are. If you are looking for a small but beautiful bird, decorate your chicken coop with the Polish bantam!

Production: The Polish bantams are known for their white eggs. They lay frequently but are not known to go broody or make good mothers. If you are wanting to hatch eggs, an incubator will be needed.

Temperament: This breed bears confinement well and is docile, however can be flighty. The hens do not go broody nor make good mothers if they do.

History: Although the Polish bantams are called Polish, they do not originate from Poland. Researchers suggest they have come from the Netherlands based on oldest accounts they have found.

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