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Enter one breed to add to the quote. After clicking add to quote you can then add another breed from this same form, one at a time.

Many chicken breeds can be ordered as hens only. Bantams, ducks, turkeys and other fowl are often only straight run.

You may choose multiple months and I will let you know which month it can be delivered.

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Use this form to request a quote on acquiring specific breeds of chicks or pullets. Upon submission we will confirm availability and price and return the completed quote to you usually within a few days. You can then choose to cancel or accept the quote. If accepted it will be converted into an order and you can choose how to pay.

  • Most chicks range from $5-10.
  • Most pullets are $30-50.
  • Chick purchases are available to grain store customers only, meaning please support us by making a grain store purchase while your here. We have $10 10lb bags of chick starter or waterers or feeders or mealworms. This additional purchase ensures we can offer the best chick price possible.

If you pay for the order we will hold the birds for you for up to 7 days from the notification date of birds being available. If the bird is not picked up in that timeframe or if you must cancel the order after paying, we will refund the order minus our costs or a minimum of $10.

We are not able to get every breed imaginable but the list of what we can acquire is quite extensive and often changes. For example I highly doubt I can get an Ayam Cremani but I can probably get a Blue Ameraucana female chick.

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